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Our Successful Investments

Environmental Energy Enterprises, LLC is involved in helping existing companies and innovative startups reach their full potential. Our investment in your business is more than just financial. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their company forward. Contact us to learn more about our investment portfolio and latest success stories.

Our Story

The business activity of the firm is based on two main areas:

The first is providing a wide array of advanced investment banking advisory services in the fields of raising capital. Which include potential institutional and private investors for mature and early stage companies. They are looking at ventures from advanced technological industries such as: environmental science and technology, health and wellness, cyber, cyber security, I.T., pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, development of medical cannabis and mining of diamonds, gold and rare metals
. Our ventures are mainly from around the world. We search for specific suitable investor/s mainly from the USA, South Africa, Russia, China, India as well as from Singapore, Australia, Israel and Great Britain.

Our uniqueness is emphasized by providing a holistic support to the clients and ventures in our portfolio and protecting their interests through the entire process and satisfied completion.

The second basis of our business activity is providing high quality alternative investments. Alternative asset management and vehicles to deliver successful conclusions, is one of our missions. We do this by working to assist institutional and individual investors by distributing high quality hedge funds, and tailored made bank notes for investing.

The other aspect of this activity is recruiting qualified investors to start developing new hedge funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (R.E.I.T). We use special purpose vehicles (SPV) for this purpose. Example: We use (SPV) for Sea Ports development around the world with government approvals. We also have years of experience in the Solar and Wind industry, that knowledge gives us an edge in developing and financing projects. 

Developing countries are providing opportunities  to high yield real estate investments, for qualified investors. This is occurring  mainly in the emerging developing  countries as well as Eastern Europe.

This has created opportunities for  joint ventures with existing  companies in the developing countries.

our story

Our Team

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Chairman & CEO

Mr. Brown has over forty years of experience as a Financial Advisor as well as CEO of a public company. He has taken companies to the NASDAQ stock exchange. He has always traveled extensively as a consummate professional and advisor to the board of directors of various companies in different industries. Yet he has always viewed the world through the eyes of a curious child. Life is an adventure, and every person he meets on his travels has become part of an extended family of associates and colleagues that span decades and continents around the world.


Executive Vice President

Ms. Snyder is formally of Calgary, Alberta. While in Canada Ms. Snyder was employed in the oil industry, gaining many years of experience. She cultivated numerous contacts and associates worldwide.

Ms. Snyder is also a paralegal with 25+ years experience in several areas of the law.

Darian Johnson.png


After his honorable discharge from the US Navy where he was decorated numerous times for his special skills with the bronze star, which is one of the highest awards presented by the USA for outstanding service to the country. Darian pursued his true passion and began a career in renewable energy and clean technologies. He has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the renewable energy field and generated over one billion dollars in sales revenue for one of the companies where he last worked. He initiated contact with the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy introducing them to the company’s clean technologies. 

Darian's marketing strategies help reach target audiences, spearheaded the creation of blogs and social media content, produced engaging online marketing campaigns, created sales strategies to promote advertising offerings and motivate larger deals. He currently serves as the host of the Facebook “Renewable Energy Industry News” Page. We are honored to welcome Darian to our team.

Elie Pollock.jpg


After many years in education, Elie became involved in the world of technology. Today he is an experienced program developer, digital marketer, and data analyst and was the CTO of one of the leading car sales websites in Israel.

Evan Frischer.jpg

Senior VP Business Development

Mr. Frichner brings over 20 years of experience as a Financial Investment Advisor. A master communicator, having worked closely with Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Founders and CEO's. 


Partnered in the growth of a Global Fixed Income Trading Desk. Expertise in Business Development, Fund Raising and M&A's. Strategic alliances within the Real Estate, Biotech, Alternative Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

Our Associates

Who Contract with Environmental Energy Enterprises, LLC

our associates

Richard Rosen

Richard L. Rosen, the founder of The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm, PLLC, has been actively engaged in the practice of franchise law in New York City for over 40 years, during which time he has represented countless franchisors and franchisees, both as counsel and as a business adviser.​

Mr. Rosen has been engaged in virtually all aspects of franchising during his career.  He has counseled and represented franchisors in the setting up of franchising systems and programs, formed franchising entities, drafted and negotiated franchise agreements, multi-unit area development agreements, master franchise agreements, registration statements, disclosure  and other ancillary franchise documents; represented franchisees and franchisee associations; litigated in both state and federal courts; and mediated, arbitrated and litigated matters on behalf of both franchisors and franchisees.  He has represented franchisors and franchisees in essentially every field.


Hillel Basch is a seasoned and experienced Financial Risk Manager (FRM). He holds multiple academic degrees in Economics, Business Administration Computer Science and Business Law.

His professional experience spans many years in the fields of Financial Advisory, Wealth Management and  Hi-Tech consulting. His clients point out his very exceptional accuracy and good judgement to achieve their objectives.

Hillel also teaches in academic institutions and managerial forums, and bring to his classes from his core competencies and practical experience.

Moshe Shapoff pic_edited.jpg


Moshe Shapoff has joined our team as our business consultant. We are proud to have him as a part of our family team, and we know his worldwide experience will help us achieve our goals for our clients.

Moshe Shapoff was born and raised in New York and moved to Israel in 1994. He is a Global connector on a large scale in the International business world. 

He is currently the manager of Investor Relations of TR Capital Management, a bankruptcy claims fund based in New York. 

Moshe is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summits based in Dubai. In addition, Moshe sits on the Advisory Board of the Abrahamic Business Circle, also of Dubai. 

Moshe is an Ambassador of the Global Goodwill, and an Ambassador of the World Peace Ambassadors as well.



A prodigy child who started reading when he was around two years of age. By the age of twelve he wrote his first screenplay. Producing & directing his first feature film before turning eighteen. 

He is a world traveler, enthusiastic of diverse cultures. Often, making insightful award winning documentaries about them.


David Wheeler’s Directing Actors for Theater Workshop at Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater helped broaden his Directorial skills beyond the silver screen. 

After writing several original screenplays he is now ready for his next creative entertainment enterprise.


Hollywood's movie experience has now allowed our company to diversify into movie productions. We are honored to welcome Hollywood to our team.

Joseph Sefi Samueloff.jpg


Joseph Sefi Samueloff is an investment management professional, specializing in providing financial solutions to institutional investors and has extensive knowledge and experience with diverse financing investment strategies and instruments, such as: securitization and debt financing, pre IPO and raising equity to various types funds and both mature and late seed advanced technological companies as well as to high yield real estate investments.

 He held key positions as a capital market senior analyst, in renown companies, such as American Express, EJ Sterling, Migdal Capital Markets, Hedge Stone Group. He holds an MBA Degree in Finance, from the City University of New York / Baruch College and he also holds an MA Degree in Organizational Consultation, from the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

He is also  C.F.A (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 1 candidate and has also extensive familiarity with the United States F.I.N.R.A series 7 licence as well as with the Israeli Securities Authority investment portfolio management license.

Philippe Luanghy

With more than 15 years of a various and broad experience in administration, banking, grants and project management in D.R. Congo, in the Central, Eastern and Western Africa Region in the International Development field and a Lawyer background, Philippe Luanghy has decided, after spending half of his life and most of his academic path in Belgium where he was born and grew up, to be a pioneer and get involved in his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Africa. Through his course, several travels across the continent and as native of the continent, he has developed extensive knowledge of the people, the mentalities, the realities of the business in Africa, as well as opportunities, a network and a strong ability to get things done in all kind of contexts. He is now committed to get involved in Environmental Energy Enterprises, LLC as an Associate and contribute to the Development of the continent by contributing creating wealth by creating links between the right persons, the right projects & capital.

Ari Waldman bio pic.jpg

Ari Waldman

Ari's educational background enables him to present to budding startups and his research and networking abilities helped him advise established companies. Ari studied green building and environmental studies, worked on hydroponics projects, and taught sustainability and conservation to various groups. Ari's presenting, research and networking abilities are a great asset to our team.

Ben - Picture_edited.jpg


Ben is a skilled manager, negotiator, business planner, team builder, and fundraiser. 
Currently, he is the director of That Group property company in the UK, dealing with tenants, finance, and development. For the past 7 years, Ben has also been the director of Hatzala Beit Shemesh, an emergency medical response organization. In this role, he has managed all fundraising matters, numerous community programs, and has played a key role in building the organization from just 10 volunteers to more than 50 active medical volunteers.
Previously, Ben has directed S.O.R Technologies specializing in a range of energy management solutions from product development and distribution to utility-scale solar and community projects.

Welcome aboard in helping people and communities, looking forward to a long relationship.

image (1).png

Dr. Hasan ÖZGÜR

Dr. Hasan ÖZGÜR has joined the team as an associate with focus on leading global initiatives to succeed with M&A's, fundraising as well as strategic partnerships. 

Dr. ÖZGÜR speaks four languages including French, Turkish, English & Some Russian. 

He spends most of his time in Turkey, however he happily works with companies all over the world.



Yechiel (Michael) Aaron has over 25 years experience day trading equities, on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange. In addition he has extensive experience in strategy design and implementation; as well as portfolio and risk management.With the rise of automation to the trading world; Yechiel has used his expertise in trading and statistical analysis to design a new algorithmic automated day trading program. The program is projected to go live in early 2019. The strategy will trade long or short depending on overall market and specific stock conditions. This new program is a large scale version of his early morning range breakout strategy.The automated version is designed to handle 1000+ positions; trading over $500m simultaneously. The program does this without holding any positions overnights. In fact the program; aptly named '150 AND OUT'; trades only the initial 150 minutes of the trading day.

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