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Our Successful Investments

Environmental Energy Enterprises, LLC is involved in helping existing companies and innovative startups reach their full potential. Our investment in your business is more than just financial. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their company forward. Contact us to learn more about our investment portfolio and latest success stories.

Our Story

The business activity of the firm is based on two main areas:

The first is providing a wide array of advanced investment banking advisory services in the fields of raising capital. Which include potential institutional and private investors for mature and early stage companies. They are looking at ventures from advanced technological industries such as: cannabis, cyber, cyber security, I.T., pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. Our ventures are mainly from around the world. We search for specific suitable investor/s mainly from the USA, South Africa, Russia, China, India as well as from Singapore, Australia, Israel and Great Britain.

Our uniqueness is emphasized by providing a holistic support to the clients and ventures in our portfolio and protecting their interests through the entire process and satisfied completion.

The second basis of our business activity is providing high quality alternative investments. Alternative asset management and vehicles to deliver successful conclusions, is one of our missions. We do this by working to assist institutional and individual investors by distributing high quality hedge funds, and tailored made bank notes for investing.

The other aspect of this activity is recruiting qualified investors to start developing new hedge funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (R.E.I.T). We use special purpose vehicles (SPV) for this purpose. Example: We use (SPV) for Sea Ports development around the world with government approvals. We also have years of experience in the Solar and Wind industry, that knowledge gives us an edge in developing and financing projects. 

Developing countries are providing opportunities to high yield real estate investments, for qualified investors. This is occurring mainly in the emerging developing countries as well as Eastern Europe.

This has created opportunities for joint ventures with existing  companies in the developing countries.

our story

Our Team


managing director

Mr. Brown has over forty years of experience as a Financial Advisor as well as CEO of a public company. He has taken companies to the NASDAQ stock exchange. He has always traveled  extensively as a consummate professional and advisor to board of directors of various companies in different industries. Yet he has always viewed the world through the eyes of a curious child. Life is an adventure, and every person he meets on his travels have become part of an extended family of associates and colleagues that span decades and continents around the world.


executive vice president

Ms. Snyder is formally of Calgary, Alberta. While in Canada Ms. Snyder was employed in the oil industry, gaining many years of experience. She cultivated numerous contacts and associates worldwide.

Ms. Snyder is also a paralegal with 25+ years experience in several areas of the law.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.28.19 PM.png

chief risk officer

Robert Brown is a founding partner of ClearThink Capital and has served as a Managing Director since its inception. From August 2009 until August 2018, Bob served as a Managing Director and Co-Founder of New World Merchant Partners LLC, a merchant banking firm.  From June 1995 through July 2009, Mr. Brown served as a founding partner of Reitler Brown & Rosenblatt LLC, a corporate and securities and merger and acquisition law firm in New York, New York, where he has specialized in public and private offerings of securities and mergers and acquisitions. From June 1992 to June 1995, Mr. Brown practiced at Squadron Ellenoff Plesent & Sheinfeld LLP, a law firm in New York, New York, where he was the principal participant in the securities offerings of The News Corporation Limited and its affiliates, as well as active on venture capital, public offering, and merger and acquisition transactions. From 1988 until 1992, Bob practiced at Shea & Gould, then an international law firm headquartered in New York, New York.  Mr. Brown has participated in approximately 240 public securities offerings involving an aggregate of approximately $9 billion of public debt securities and approximately $6 billion of equity securities, as well as in numerous merger and acquisitions for companies including News Corporation. Fox, Tele-Communications, Comcast, British Sky Broadcasting, Liberty Media and numerous investment banking firms.  Mr. Brown has extensive experience structuring, negotiating, and affecting private and public financings and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Brown received his BA with Honors in Economics at Brandeis University and his J.D. at New York University School of Law.

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Our Associates

Who Contract with Environmental Energy Enterprises, LLC

James Sutcliffe.jpg


James Sutcliffe has gained a broad range of experience managing private and listed businesses over the last 25 years.

He chaired UKTI “ports sector” from 2006-2012 representing UK ports and maritime expertise internationally, working with senior UK Ministers and VVIP’s promoting the UK to emerging market countries and governments.

His track record of turning ports and logistics businesses around, creating new value and his entrepreneurial leadership, in what is often a traditional business model, has been highly successful.


Hillel Basch is a seasoned and experienced Financial Risk Manager (FRM). He holds multiple academic degrees in Economics, Business Administration Computer Science and Business Law.

His professional experience spans many years in the fields of Financial Advisory, Wealth Management and  Hi-Tech consulting. His clients point out his very exceptional accuracy and good judgement to achieve their objectives.

Hillel also teaches in academic institutions and managerial forums, and bring to his classes from his core competencies and practical experience.



Yechiel (Michael) Aaron has over 25 years experience day trading equities, on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange. In addition he has extensive experience in strategy design and implementation; as well as portfolio and risk management.With the rise of automation to the trading world; Yechiel has used his expertise in trading and statistical analysis to design a new algorithmic automated day trading program. The program is projected to go live in early 2019. The strategy will trade long or short depending on overall market and specific stock conditions. This new program is a large scale version of his early morning range breakout strategy.The automated version is designed to handle 1000+ positions; trading over $500m simultaneously. The program does this without holding any positions overnights. In fact the program; aptly named '150 AND OUT'; trades only the initial 150 minutes of the trading day.

Joseph Sefi Samueloff.jpg


Joseph Sefi Samueloff is an investment management professional, specializing in providing financial solutions to institutional investors and has extensive knowledge and experience with diverse financing investment strategies and instruments, such as: securitization and debt financing, pre IPO and raising equity to various types funds and both mature and late seed advanced technological companies as well as to high yield real estate investments.

 He held key positions as a capital market senior analyst, in renown companies, such as American Express, EJ Sterling, Migdal Capital Markets, Hedge Stone Group. He holds an MBA Degree in Finance, from the City University of New York / Baruch College and he also holds an MA Degree in Organizational Consultation, from the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

He is also  C.F.A (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 1 candidate and has also extensive familiarity with the United States F.I.N.R.A series 7 licence as well as with the Israeli Securities Authority investment portfolio management license.

jay menes.jpg

Associate and Strategic Partner

Attorney Menes was born in Africa but is an American citizen who has resided in United States for almost 30 years.   He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and obtained his Juris Doctorate law degree (Cum Laude) from Western Michigan University.  He was employed as an Associate Attorney in the prestigious law firm of Thompson & Knight in Dallas, and thereafter worked as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Dallas before establishing Menes Law Firm (in Dallas) and Menes Konsult (in Africa).


Mr. Menes is devoted to Africa’s development through successful and responsible business relationships between Africa and foreign investors and companies.  His firm, Menes Konsult, works to uplift and empower Africa and its people by helping foreign companies and investors to successfully operate and do business in the continent. With footprints in USA, Europe, Asia and major African countries, Menes Konsult and its partners work with foreign companies and investors to resolve critical issues and local challenges that often make the difference between business success and failure in Africa.  They also represent African governments and companies seeking foreign funding for viable projects and transactions.  Mr. Menes is the Chief Legal Counsel of ISG Limited which is a top-tier international funding company dedicated to providing non-traditional and alternative funding for viable projects in Africa. 


In keeping with their agenda to uplift and empower the people of Africa, Attorney Menes and his partners are also directly involved in several social enterprises and nonprofits (NGOs).  Their social enterprise company, Downtown Africa Entertainment Group, discovers, develops/produces and manages/distributes talented African youths in music, fashion designing, fashion modeling, movies, and sports. 


Attorney Menes is Chief Legal Counsel and a director of Planet Startup, Inc., a global 501(c) nonprofit.  He is also the founder of African Youth Congress.  He has personally challenged himself to work towards eradicating youth unemployment in Africa by the year 2030.  Through the partnership between African Youth Congress and Planet Startup, Attorney Menes hopes to create a virtual and borderless platform that connects African youths with each other regardless of tribe, language, religion or social status, and also provides them with quality trainings, mentorships, and startup funding needed to become successful entrepreneurs.  He strongly believes that Africa’s future will be brighter and better when its youths are properly empowered.   He is always motivated and available to speak publicly and reach out to others about joining hands to empower African youths, “because in the end, we will be remembered not by how much money we made in our lifetimes, but by how many lives we touched."



Johann, with 2 bachelor degrees, Communication Science and Advertising, has over 25 years experience in Marketing, Biometrics, Secure Documents, and IT.

After succesfully launched an award winning Fintech platform, Johann has an emphasis on international technology development and deployment globally.

By his career he has an extensive African knowledge and network.
His 2 most important quotes describes him best: "Opportunities don't knock on the door, you need to catch them",  "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."

Sahil Verma.jpg


An alumnus of University College London, Sahil Verma is an international lawyer specialising in business law, investment law (including M & A, VC, PE, ICOs and STOs), fintech, international law and dispute resolution. He is a fully qualified commonwealth lawyer; and an arbitrator on the panel of CRCICA (Egypt). Sahil has experience of working on complex legal matters of various jurisdictions; and is appreciated for pragmatic and efficient legal advice, structuring and solutions. He has, in the past, worked as General Counsel and Legal Counsel of market leading conglomerates in the Middle East and India.


Adi Gross photo IMG_1971.JPG


our associates
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christopher edwards.jpg

Christopher Edwards holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in the University of Technology Papua New Guinea, he is specialized in Structural Engineering and worked for five (5) years with Lihir NewCrest Mining. He then worked another two (2) years with Global Engineering and started up his own company Elta Engineering. While operating his own company he was given a K46 million worth of contracts to build up ring roads in Bougainville. In addition, a K24.5 million was budgeted by the Provincial Government of Bougainville to facilitate two (2) jetties for local shipping companies.

Christopher Edwards has been given Aviation Part 144 CASA Papua New Guinea under the Government Act to service all Airlines Company throughout Papua New Guinea Airports to supply Jet A1 fuel through his Aviation Company “Oceanic Aviation Limited”. The aviation industry in Papua New Guinea is a lucrative business, seeing the potential of Jet A1 business in the airline companies in Papua New Guinea he’s been given the full authority by the government of Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Hon. James Marape to supply Jet A1 fuel in all twenty-one (21) airports throughout Papua New Guinea. Aviation Industry in Papua New Guinea is the only means of transportation that services the movements of people. While seeing the potential in the aviation industry Christopher Edwards has come up with a concept of understudying the aviation Jet A1 fuel, due to receiving the Part 144 CASA PNG License it took another five (5) years of writing Aviation Manuals and several exams and come up with that standard and by receiving the Part 144 CASA PNG under IQAO.

Adi Gross is a senior independent consultant for political risks, export/trade credit insurance and structured finance, working with a London Insurance Broker (RKH).

Having an extensive 20 years of public and private export credit insurance, reinsurance and financing experience, Adi is specialized in providing tailor-made structuring, financing and insurance solutions for exporters, investors, banks and credit insurers.

Adi served until 2017 as a Chief Underwriting Officer for ASHRA the Israeli Export Credit Agency (ECA) for years. During that time, Adi was officially elected as a Vice Chairman of the Berne Union (the Union of the credit insurers) committee in 2015 for 2 years.

In 2007, Adi joined ZURICH Credit and Political Risks Insurance, where he spent 2 years as a business development manager in CIS/CEE countries.
During the years 2008-2017, Adi served as an External Director in a listed leading Israeli construction group.

Adi gained an MBA in 2003, majoring in Finance and Accounting from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and graduated with honors in 1999 a BA in Economics and Business Management from Ben-Gurion University.


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